The EMI Orbital Welding System is a full function weld system which includes torch travel, automatic torch height, either linear or pendulum oscillation and either dual or single wire feed. The weld system designed for multi-pass GTAW with a radial clearance requirement of only 3.5”. It is lightweight and capable of welding diameters of 6” and up or can be configured for flat track.



The controller is designed to be used with most any commercially available power source. As a result, the EMI system costs considerably less than competitor’s power supplies/controllers. This flexibility also allows our customers the freedom to use a commercially available welding power source for operations such as manual welding.

Low radial clearance. Capable of fitting an envelope of 3.5″ radially.
Based on distributed control technology which eliminates the need for a large and expensive controller located at some distance from the machine. This greatly simplifies set-up, use, service and long-term cost. As a result, the EMI system does not require expensive high pin count service or extension cables assemblies.
The controller and weld head are highly portable as a result of the compact size and weight of the system. The EMI system components are light weight; therefore, they can be hand carried to the weld location through man-ways or other small access points.
The EMI weld system is highly intuitive to operate and typically requires less than 4 hours of training (dependent on welder experience).
The system does not require calibration as it utilizes intelligent stepper motor technology. This allows for in-field replacement of a motor via simple mechanical hand tools without affecting the motions process with any calibration related issues.
The motor system does not require slip clutches; shear pins or any other type of mechanical torque limitation devices. All axes can be run in a stall (bound) position indefinably without detrimental effect to the motors or the mechanical systems.
All weld levels and parameters programmable from the remote pendant and adjustable during weld operations.

The EMI Track System is a light weight positive drive system located within and outer case of the track assembly. The EMI tracks can be purchased at lower prices than of our competitor’s tracks, and most any size is available upon request.

Mounting of the weld head is accomplished with a simplified docking system that integral to the track. This approach eliminates misalignment, over stressing other operator induced variations as with our competitor’s tracks and clamp weld heads. The track can be secured to the pipe via multiple methods a very simply chain clamp system which allows the track to be mounted and secured within a matter of minutes.

Weld Head Weight Dependent on weld process, typically weight is 18 pounds
Min O.D. range 6” (can be 4” with AVC extension)
Nominal Sizes 6” to 36” with larger sizes including flat track is available.
Radial Clearance Depending on the head chosen it can be as low as 3.5”
Axial Clearance Depending on the head chosen it can be a low as 6 inches
Wire Size Up to .045 (solid or Flux core MIG)
AVC travel 3 inches (can be customized to most any length)
Oscillator travel 3 inches (can be customized to most any width)
Weld travel speed 0.1 to 30 IPM (direct and speed can be changed on the fly)
Jog Speeds Operator Selectable or Predetermined and Locked.
Wire Speed 1 to 600 IPM (Process Dependent)
Oscillation speed 30 IPM (for GMAW a pendulum oscillator can be installed)
Oscillation Dwell 0 to 3 Seconds


  • 300 Amp, water cooled standard other sizes available on request.
  • Trailing Gas Coverage is available.

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