About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission at BDIS is to be the “one-stop-shop” for all your
automation needs. Our goal is to add value to your
organization through engineering or selecting
innovative specialty tools and equipment to meet your
application needs.

Who We Are

Bird Dog Industrial Solutions was founded in Rock Hill, SC in January of 2022 and is a full-service provider of fit-up, machining, welding, and testing solutions. We are experienced in both portable and fixed automation applications, with a long history of success in Heavy Construction, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Shipbuilding industries.

Trey Parrish, the founder of BDIS, has served in the welding and automation industry for more than 15 years. He has a reputation for being a strong leader, program manager, and business development professional. He has a proven track record for implementing solutions that provide his customers with long-term, profitable and sustainable processes.

What We Do

The name “Bird Dog” (v) means the relentless pursuit of an objective or goal. We strive to fully understand your objectives, and we’ll work tirelessly to deliver the right solution(s). Our unique partnerships and design resources give us the ability to assist with any fit-up, machining, welding, testing, or material handling needs your organization may have. Let us “Bird Dog” your next opportunity for automation!

Why Bird Dog

Have you ever found yourself calling on vendors just to learn you needed to call a different department or a different person for the pieces of information necessary to make a sound decision? BDIS is your one phone call for all of your automation needs. We will work tirelessly with our partners to specify the right solutions and get you the information you need to make informed decisions. Then we stick with you through the implementation phase to aid in your success.

Fun Fact

Trey Parrish, the founder of BDIS, is an avid outdoorsman and upland game enthusiast. While hunting with his dogs, he often finds himself in awe of how tirelessly they work in the field. On many occasions, he’s had to physically restrain them to get them to stop and rest and rehydrate themselves, their desire simply to continue until their purpose was fulfilled.
On a quail hunt one November day in a planted pine forest in South Carolina, Trey stopped a hunt to take a phone call from a valued customer. This customer had a unique problem, with no commercially available solution to fulfill their needs, and they were looking to him to find the answers. As Trey finished the call and continued the hunt, he couldn’t help but run through the customer issues in his mind, pulling from his experience on custom projects to put together a concept that might work.

As the dogs slept in the truck’s back seat on the drive home, Trey called the customer back and ran his ideas by them. They provided additional information and the concept began to grow. Before ending the call, he committed to them that he would work as tirelessly to find a solution for them as his dogs had done for him all morning.

Trey knew at that moment that if he would work as hard for the customer as his dogs did for him, he could provide a customer experience like none other. Bird Dog Industrial Solutions was conceived that day, and you can find those two trusted dogs Duke and Max, embedded in the company logo as a reminder of that commitment to total customer success.

Connect With Us

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any automation needs. We look forward to hearing from you.