The CLIMAX circular mill, with a milling range of 73.5 to 199 inches (1867 to 5054 mm), delivers fast, versatile and accurate machining to meet the demanding wind tower or large crane base machining applications. Servo control, optional single point turning and ID, OD or surface mounts provide a truly versatile machine.


For machining large flanges 73.5 – 199 inches (1866.9 – 5054.6 mm) in diameter, and featuring a center machine clearance designed to fit over 24 inches (609.6 mm) diameter kingpins, this Circular Mill can be configured for powerful milling, single-Point machining, and grinding operations. Extraordinary rigidity, versatility, and power are at your fingertips – this machine can handle your toughest large flange machining jobs quickly and efficiently. For smaller ranges view the FF7200 or FF8200 Flange Facers.

ID Mounting Diameters:

78.9 – 177.2 inches (2004.1 – 4500.9 mm)

Milling Diameters:

73.5 – 199 inches (1866.9 – 5054.6 mm)

Min Turning Arm Swing Diameter:

135.6 inches (3444.2 mm)

Max Turning Arm Swing Diameter:

197 inches (5003.8 mm)

Quality Machine Design Provides Rigid, Power-Packed Performance

Extraordinarily rigid design ensures consistent, high-quality machining.

Large diameter pre-loaded precision bearing and linear guide ways for the most rigid machining platform.

Radial and axial travel uses precision ball screws.

Milling head with #50 taper spindle easily handles face mill up to 10 inches (254.0 mm) in diameter.

Adjustable counterweight provides precise balance in vertical applications.

Center machine clearance designed to fit over 24 inch (609.6 mm) diameter kingpin.

Flexible and Versatile

Can be configured for milling or singlepoint machining.

Single point option allows user to cut chamfers and seal ring grooves, and machine phonographic finishes.

Air grinder also available for fine finishes for sealing surfaces.

Hydraulic drive or servo drive with touchscreen pendant and angular control options available.

Spindle has 8 inches (203.2 mm) of travel and is also capable of drilling.

Multiple mounting options including ID/ OD or face-mounted configurations.

Swivel plate option allows milling head to rotate 360°.

Infinitely adjustable arm position for limited swing clearance applications.

Rapid Setup & Operation

Tubular rigid chucking system with leveling feet allow machine to be leveled after mounting in the flange for simple & speedy setup.

Modular design allows many of the machine components to be removed to facilitate easier setup and storage.

Servo control with touchscreen pendant allows a wide range of speed adjustments from rapid advance for setup to slow machining speeds for precise control during machining.

Servo angular control system with touchscreen pendant provides precision control of cutter placement and positioning.

Applications include:

Heavy construction and mining.

Crane pedestals.

Wind tower fabrication.


Operating Manual

CM6200 Operating Manual

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